Results From World’s Best Wrestling’s Midway Mania

On Friday, August 9th, 2019 World’s Best Wrestling invaded the Hamilton County Fair in Cincinnati, OH as they presented Midway Mania. If you weren’t there here is what went down…

-“Militant” Mark Magnum defeated “Midnite” Matt Ryan

-Star Rider defeated Shadow

-King Samoa defeated Cowboy Kidd Quick in a Midget Wrestling Showcase after Great American Beast, Adam Rohrgeous & Dustie Pitstick interfered. They would attack Quick after the match and then WBW Heavyweight Champion “Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson would make the save. Hutchinson and Quick would challenge Beast and Rohrgeous to a tag match later in the night.

-“The All American Bro” James Roenick defeated Sinclair Octavius Bentley

-Big Cuz defeated Espiritu Maya after delivering a low blow when the ref was distracted

-Nikki Victory defeated Selena Dean in a WBWW Showcase Match

WBW Heavyweight Champion “Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson & Cowboy Kidd Quick defeated Great American Beast & Adam Rohrgeous w/ Dustie Pitstick

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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