Results From SHIMMER 94 & 95

SHIMMER 94 & 95 took place at the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL on Sunday, July 9th, 2017. If you missed these events, here is what went down…..

Results from SHIMMER 94….

-Aja Perera defeated Laynie Luck in a RISE Showcase Match

-Stefany Sinclare defeated Jewells Malone in a RISE Showcase Match

-Jessicka Havok defeated Kikyo

-Cheerleader Melissa defeated Samantha Heights 

-Cherry Bomb defeated Angel Dust, Kay Lee Ray & Taeler Hendrix 

-Madison Rayne defeated Veda Scott 

-Sienna defeated Dynamite DiDi 

-Lufisto defeated Shotzi Blackheart 

-Nicole Matthews defeated Deonna Purrazzo 

-Fire & Nice (Britt Baker & Chelsea Green) defeated Tessa Blanchard & Vanessa Kraven by DQ

-Shayna Baszler defeated KC Spinelli

-Madison Eagles defeated Nicole Savoy 

-Shazza McKenzie defeated Rosemary to retain the Heart of SHIMMER Championship

-Mercedes Martinez defeated Mia Yim to retain the SHIMMER Championship

Results from SHIMMER 95….

-Shotzi Blackheart defeated Veda Scott

-Samantha Heights defeated Jessica Troy

-Cheerleader Melissa defeated KC Spinelli 

-Jessicka Havok defeated Charli Evans 

-Solo Darling defeated Lufisto by DQ

-Hudson Envy defeated Mia Yim

-Saraya Knight defeated Cat Power 

-Nicole Savoy defeated Deonna Purrazzo

-Vanessa Kraven & Tessa Blanchard defeated Leva Bates & Delilah Doom, Britt Baker & Chelsea Green, and Rosemary & Angel Dust to retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships

-Shazza McKenzie defeated Nicole Matthews to retain the Heart of SHIMMER title.

-Mercedes Martinez defeated Madison Eagles to retain the SHIMMER Championship

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