Results From New Ohio Wrestling’s NOW 5: Nasty VS. Taylor

On Saturday, July 15th, 2017 New Ohio Wrestling & Footmaster Kickgolf presented NOW 5: Nasty vs. Taylor at Kickmaster Footgolf located in Grove City, OH. If you weren’t there here is what went down….

-Ripper Blackhart comes out to start the show and runs down Matt Taylor and his home town fans of Grove City, OH… Matt Taylor decides to come out to the ring and defend the town of Grove City and its people by making Ripper apologize, which brings out Trik Nasty who attacks Taylor from behind and leaves him lying in the middle of the ring.

-“Sweet Dream” Sless Taylor pinned “The Professional” Brandon Fields, after a very athletic, back and forth match with an amazing springboard front flip splash.

-James Avery defeated Bryen Douglas with a very impressive, yet, very devastating top rope power bomb.

-Robby “Super” Starr beat Daniel Winchester when he swept Winchester’s legs and got the 3 count with his feet clearly on the ropes.

-Juice Jennings & Aaron Williams battled to a 20-minute time limit draw. After the match, Juice went after the ref and Aaron gave him a leg kick to the head for laying his hands on the referee.

-Magnum CK couldn’t make it to NOW 5 so Jock Samson enlisted the help of Papa Dingo. Jock Samson & Papa Dingo defeated Ethan Wright & Justin Mane when Jock caught Justin Mane in the face with a loaded fidget spinner in his fist as Mane came flying from the top rope.

-“Black Superman” Onyx pinned “No Shame” Jimmy Shane after a powerful spear. After the match, The Winners (Jimmy Shane, Robby Starr, James Avery, & Brandon Fields) jumped Onyx and beat him up while his daughter, Lil O, stood idly by unable to help her father.

-“Darkstar” Matt Taylor beat Trik Nasty w/Ripper Blackhart after coming back from being superplexed from the top rope onto a stack of folding chairs that were in the middle of the ring.

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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