Results From Joey Ryan’s Penis Party

On Saturday, April 5th, 2019 Joey Ryan’s Penis Party took place at the Hilton Hotel in New York City. If you weren’t there here is what went down….

-Shigehiro Irie & DJ Z defeated Arez & Bestia 666

-Mr. Iguana & Ultim Dragon defeated Green Ant & Sharkboy and Puma King & Taurus

-Allie & Rosemary defeated Thunder Rosa & Holidead

-Tracy Smothers defeated Su Yung

-Timothy Thatcher defeated David Arquette

-Bill Carr defeated Dan Barry in a Penis Party Death Match

-Yoshiko won the Iron Man Heavyweight Championship Rumble. Side note: Yoshiko is a blow up doll

-Colt Cabana, Tommy Dreamer & Mike Babchik defeated Chuckie T, Trent Beretta & Matt Striker

-Johnny Penis & Taya Valkyrie defeated The Lucha Bros.

-Priscilla Kelly, Scarlett Bordeaux & Session Moth Martina defeated Joey Ryan, Sexxy Eddy & Val Venis

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard is the owner and editor-in-chief of He is a long time contributor to, where he is known for his extensive coverage of Ohio pro wrestling and interviews with the stars of the Ohio pro wrestling scene.

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