Results From CHIKARA’s Johnny Kidd Invitational

CHIKARA presented The Johnny Kidd Invitational on Saturday, June 9th. If you weren’t there here is what went down…..

-Travis Huckabee defeated Rory Gulak in a JKI quarter final match

-Thomas Santell defeated Jigsaw in a JKI quarter final match

-Ophidian defeated Solo Darling in a JKI quarter final match

-Colt Cabana defeated Green Ant in a JKI quarter final match

-Thief Ant, Sonny DeFarge, Danjerhawk & El Hijo del Ice Cream defeated The Whisper, Frantick, Hermit Crab & Still life with Apricots & Pears

-Colt Cabana defeated Ophidian in a JKI semi final match

-Travis Huckabee defeated Thomas Santell in a JKI semi final match

-Frightmare & Hallowicked w/Kobald defeated The Beast Warriors

-Volgar defeated Cornelius Crummels

-Travis Huckabee defeated Colt Cabana to win the JKI

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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