Peyton Royce Talks About Her Persona, Picking Her Name & More!

NXT Star Peyton Royce recently spoke to the Miami Herald. Here are some highlights from the interview….

On her persona:

“I would describe her as this sultry, mysterious character that nobody really knows about just yet. It’s really different, but for me, it feels so natural. Coming from a dancing background, I’m used to doing things kind of outside of my comfort zone, and doing things outside of my comfort zone are actually more comforting to me; so I’m really enjoying what I’m doing.”

On picking her name:

“Royce came about as I was trying to find a different last name for one of the names that they came back to me with, which was Ruby. I was trying to find a name that would match Ruby, and I found Royce, and they came back to me with Peyton Royce which I loved 10 times more.”

On the Australian wrestling scene:

“Wrestling in Australia is big, but it’s kind of underground. So it’s not well known, but as soon as you know about it, you see it everywhere.”

Click here to check out the rest of the interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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