Pete Dunne On Finding The Bruiserweight Character & More!

WWE UK Superstar Pete Dunne recently spoke with Josh Barnett for USA Today’s For The Win. Here are some highlights….

On finding his character through the independent scene and WWE’s United Kingdom Championship tournament: 

“I had an idea of who I am and who my character is through what I’ve done on the independents. I used that as my developmental, trying to get to WWE. Once I got to WWE, what they did with me, with the hype videos and the way they shot me and the cameras, I learned a lot more about who I was as a character.”

“Having done more NXT stuff since then has also helped me get that character across. The audience better understands who I am now and I’ve gotten tons more exposure.”

On enjoying his time on the independent scene, coming up with buzzworthy move sequences: 

“I don’t know if I’m going to still be on the independents (with the WWE show) so I’m trying to have the best time that I can until I have to take all my energy and focus it on WWE. I’m trying to do something different and completely out of the box and give the audience something they’ll remember. … Pulling the kid out of the audience, I hope that is going to be something that kid and his family remember for the rest of his life. … Right now, I can be a bit more free and a bit more relaxed to be myself and hopefully go out there and have more fun.” 

Click here for the full interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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