Parrow On Signing With MLW

Parrow recently spoke to During the interview Parrow talked about signing with Major League Wrestling.

“[MLW] was one of the first places I was working when I came out… It’s almost like coming back home. What people don’t understand about being closeted, it hinders our success in anything we do. Our straight counterparts don’t have those reservations,” Parrow said. “There’s always the perception of ‘Am I going to get fired if I tell them?’ That hinders our athletic ability. But when we come out and we’re visible… we are very successful at what we do.”

He continued, “It’s a high level of talent there. MLW is putting something out there, especially with heavyweights, that a lot of companies aren’t doing.”

“I got married and three days later the world shut down. I went from having all these plans for wrestling this year to ‘Am I ever going to wrestle again. It got real for a lot of people … I’m blessed to have the opportunity to come back. Especially to a place that I started with, where I came out and that feels like home.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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