Natayla Talks About Tyson Kidd’s Recovery, Mandy Rose On Total Divas & Much More!

Natayla  recently spoke with Reveal Magazine to promote the new season of Total Divas. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

As you’ve been in the business for a long time, do you think you take the newbies under your wing? How is Mandy getting on?

“I’ve given her a lot of advice, I’ve been around WWE all my life. The first thing I look for in people is consistency in their character. If they are too up and down, hot and cold or back and forth that to me is very telling. The one thing I’ve noticed with Mandy is that she’s pretty consistent. She knows who she is and I like that. She’s not a ticking timebomb. She wants to work hard, she wants to fit in, she’s not going to put up with anybody treating her poorly.”

We saw you struggling to decide whether to have surgery on your eye last time around. How is it doing now?

“When both of my eyes are open I can see well, but the left eye is the one that gives me problems. If I close my right eye, I can only see 20 percent out of my left. It does bother me, I thought I could get it fixed, but I realized it’s not that easy. There are times when my eye won’t be the best and I wish my vision was a little stronger, but I’m ok. It does scare me, though, I don’t want to get a lazy eye or get blind from it, but at the same time I’m just dealing with it one day at a time because if I do fix it, I might not be able to go back to wrestling.”

Your husband TJ (Tyson Kidd) became injured too. How is he doing? Is he on the mend?

“TJ’s injury was so severe compared to mine, he is doing ok. His recovery is a long, long process. We’re just so grateful we’ve had great doctors to work with and TJ is so strong mentally. He’s been wrestling for twenty years and it is his second injury. To be wrestling for as long as we have and to have so few injuries, it’s pretty shocking for him. He’s taking it really well, and every single day I think he gets physically stronger.”

Natalya also talked about what to expect on the rest of this season and more in the full interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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