Matt Riddle Denies Recent Claims Made By Candy Cartwright

Smackdown Superstar Matt Riddle recently took to Twitter and denied recent claims by Candy Cartwright.

“I never in my life have sexually assaulted a man, woman or anybody and that includes Samantha Tavel, Candy Cartwright. I never sexually assaulted you. That story about that van trip and the driver being asleep and me forcing you to do stuff, hop on, whatever—it’s a complete lie. It’s a fabricated story because you’re still mad. You know why you’re mad? Because, yes, you’re right, we had an affair. You have plenty of evidence of that, and I never denied it because it happened. Do I want to talk about it? Do I really want to share about it? No. It’s embarrassing, I feel like a real piece of crap for cheating on my wife and doing that and now having to talk about it publicly.”

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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