Matt Hardy On Why He Didn’t Re-Sign With WWE & Original Plans For His AEW Debut

AEW star Matt Hardy was recently the guest on Talk is Jericho. Here are some highlights….

On the original plans for his AEW debut:

“Here’s a little bit of trivia for everybody listening, had we been in Rochester, we wouldn’t have been allowed to fly Vanguard 1 inside the arena. Actual FCC, airport rules, for some reason you couldn’t fly a drone in there,” Jericho said. “We would’ve had done it on the outside, which would have been fine, but it’s one of those things. When it was happening, I couldn’t see it or I couldn’t hear it, and they just kept telling me to stretch stretch, so I’m talking like, ‘hey Orange Cassidy, you’re an idiot.’ Then finally, Matt Jackson goes, ‘hey, look at this.’ Finally it’s there. Had there been 6,000 people, somebody would’ve seen it prior and pointed, then there would’ve been that reaction but with nobody there it was really strange. There was nothing, until there it is.”

“It’s definitely different. Once again, if you have a Vanguard 1 drone flying in, it’s an inanimate object,” Hardy said. “Originally, the drone was going to fly back to me, and we were gonna get a really cool beauty shot, but that didn’t happen. I went ahead because we’re doing live TV. It was kind of like an audible.”

On why he didn’t want to re-sign with WWE:

“I just think it got to the point where WWE has so many talents under contract, and the reason they have all these talents under contract is because they don’t want anyone else having people that can move the needle or make a difference or cut in their business so just trying to scoop up all the talent across the globe as far as monopolizing the business. To me, I could have stayed in WWE. They tried very hard to sign me. They offered me very good money, but I know my role would have been minimized.”

“For me, more important than money right now was to totally utilize my creativity, and for these last three-four years that I’ll be able to do this, I want to enjoy it. I want to be driven and fueled by the passion I have for this. I want to be creative, and I want to have fun. At WWE, a lot of the times, they suck the fun out of things because it becomes such a business, and you become a cog in the machine. To me, it wasn’t about being a cog in the machine and making x amount of dollars. To me, it was about enjoying what I was doing and really enjoying every single second I have left doing this, and AEW just turned out to be the best-case scenario for me.”

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