Matt Cardona On Why He’s No Longer In AEW

IMPACT Wrestling star Matt Cardona was recently the guest on the Chris Van Vliet Show. During the show Cardona talked about why he’s no longer with AEW.

“After the release day, I was in contact with so many people and promotions. The AEW thing worked out first, and that was only for a couple of dates.”

“AEW was awesome, it was fun, it was great but I was in such a long-term relationship, I didn’t want to jump into another relationship with anybody, really. To be honest, I was enjoying the free time at home, building the podcast, and time just kind of flew by.”

“Before I knew it, I got a text, it was the Friday before Hard to Kill, saying ‘hey, do you want to come to work tomorrow?’ I was like ‘you know what?’”

“I like to be able to bounce around and do whatever I want to do right now.”

Check it out below.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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