Maria Kanellis On Paul Heyman Being Her Mentor & Last Minute Script Changes

Maria Kanellis was recently the guest on ROHStrong. Here are some highlights…

On what she thinks Paul Heyman’s legacy should be:

“Teacher. He was my mentor for a very long time. He’s the person that made me believe that I could write because he believed in me at the time. In recent years, I feel like his legacy hasn’t been upheld as much as it should be because of whatever WWE is doing. Who knows. The idea he had for Mike and I was great. It could have been amazing but unfortunately along the way, things get watered down and muddy. And so I would say [he’s a] mentor, an educator and he’s my friend,” Kanellis said. “I text him randomly and ask him, hey ‘What about this person? What do you think? How can I make this better?’ He is one person that I know if I text him, I will hear back from him within a day.”

On last minute script changes:

“So, one of the craziest experiences I ever had, it wasn’t a promo. I had promos where I was learning my lines as I’m going down to the ring and saying them in my head, like ‘ok, they just told me to say this, don’t say that word, Vince hates that word today.’ Like, whatever. But, this was a match. I get in the ring and Beth [Phoenix] was like, ‘we have 2 minutes.’ It was supposed to be a match where I was showing something. I was supposed to have a little bit more fire, and I’m like, ‘Alright—what are we doing?’ Beth is piecing this sucker together as we are locking up. So you just—again, who knows with all the stories floating around about Heyman. I know what I know about me and that’s what I’m going to go off of.”

Click here to listen to the full show.

Huskie Howard

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