Mance Warner On An Idea He Has For Him And New Jack & More!

MLW star Mance Warner was recently the guest on Wrestling Inc Daily. Here are some highlights….

On ECW influencing his style:

“Everybody knows ol’ Mancer loved WCW. That was the thing I grew up watching but I watched everything. I was watching WWF and ECW. ECW was one of those things that, the first time I saw anything about ECW in a magazine and I go, ‘Jesus, what’s this?’ You see barbed wire matches. You see Terry Funk and all of this crazy stuff. Then they would run infomercials before PPVs and you’d see the ads on TV late at night. You’d get into that. So for me, I like to take a little bit of everything that I love doing and then make it my own.”

On if he’s ever faced New Jack:

“I’ve never gotten to wrestle New Jack or been around him in person. That’s a guy that I’m sure we’d hit it off real well. I think we’d have a hell of a tag team run at some point. You never know.”

“You throw him and me in a tag team and we may destroy a building but I think there’d be a Part 3, 4 and 5 of Dark Side of the Ring right there. I was watching that episode and I saw them interviewing him after and I said, ‘Damn I need to hit up whoever runs this. I need to get this job where I sit here and drink beers and interview the guys after the show.'”

On an idea he has for him and New Jack:

“They should give us a reality show and have New Jack and Mancer running around, going grocery shopping and drinking. He could teach me how to cook that spaghetti out there.”

On being compared to New Jack:

“That’s amazing. You’ll hear some wrestlers get offended when compared, but everybody that has ever said something to me has said Terry Funk or Cactus Jack or Austin or New Jack. All of those guys ain’t bullsh**ing… so that’s a compliment. I love hearing sh** like that – it keeps me doing what I’m doing.”

Click here to listen to the full show.

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