Luchasaurus On His Time In NXT & More!

AEW star Luchasaurus recently conducted an interview at Starrcast III. Here are some highlights…

On his time in NXT as Judas Devlin:

“I was in NXT when it first started. I was not happy there. I would’ve never been able to create this or do this there. So, I think it’s a different product and I think it’s going to be interested to see what they do with two hours of live TV against us. I’m going to watch everything because I’m a student of the game, I’m trying to watch everything I’m doing and what everyone around me is doing and see. So I’m curious to see how it goes just like you guys are. But I feel like myself, Jungle Boy, what we’re going to do as a team is ready to compete against anything they put out there.”

On his collegiate background:

“Well I like to do that and bring up anything I learned as a historian. People don’t really know, unless you’re a history major, or go through six years of history in college, you don’t really understand—it’s not about facts and places and dates. It’s more about learning how to interpret things and analyze given information. Even analyzing an audience or a situation in a match. It’s really helpful for me just to kind of navigate life, navigate how I put together my performances, and then if I can actually bring it into a character—which is now a dinosaur that has a masters degree, which is pretty absurd, but kind of get people to understand it’s absurd, and I’m kind of self-deprecating with it, I think it’s great. That’s like everything I’ve dreamed about as a kid trying to do something ridiculous.”

Click here for the interview.
Huskie Howard

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