Lance Storm On Fans Wanting Everyone To Be The Top Guy

Lance Storm was was recently the guest on Figure 4 Daily. During the interview he discussed how fans want everybody to end up being the top guy in promotions.

“I think having your core top guys is so important and it’s something that with WrestleMania just behind us I think when this drops that I find so annoying, if you will, the ‘You deserve it’ and the fans that seem to want everybody to get the top push and everybody to be protected and it’s just not the way this business works. And it shouldn’t be. You can’t make every single person the top guy and there is no shame in being a well-utilized middle guy. And I had that with my big run in WCW when I got the three titles, it was like, ‘Oh they should put the World Title on you’ and it’s like, yeah in that at moment it would have been a great story and everybody would’ve went ‘Oh my god’ but it’s like… no. I wasn’t going to be the top guy in WCW at that moment. They had Goldberg and Sting and so many other guys, Booker was really on fire at the time, and it would have been great in my universe but you’ve got a vision for a whole company and it’s like ‘No’. I am not the world champion in WCW 3 months after I got there.”

“And there would be fans, ‘oh they should have…’ and it’s like, no they shouldn’t have, and it’s the Asuka not getting her… she was supposed to get a title match at Mania and they yanked it and… there’s a bigger picture sometimes. And with something that I mentioned early on when we first started with IMPACT, you know who the top important guys are. And it doesn’t make The Rascals as an example, less fun to watch than Kross and Cage, and you know The Rascals aren’t the top guys but they bring a lot of fun and energy, they’ve got their wacky style of promo segments and they can be a valuable part of the show without being the main event and I think fans need to accept that more. It’s like your cast in a movie. There is only one lead.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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