Judas Devlin Talks About The Rumors That He Was To Join The Wyatt Family, His Lucha Underground Character & More!

Former NXT Superstar Judas Devlin/current Lucha Underground star Vibora recently did an interview for SoloWrestling.com. Here are some highlights….

On working with Dusty Rhodes:

“Dusty was great, he was one of the few people that really supported me. In the end when I was injured, I was going through a lot of controversy and tried to decide if I wanted to stay or not, and I was still able to do promo class when I was injured. I remember one point during a promo class, he brought me of the front of the group and said ‘look, this guy is injured and he has done some things in here that I think nobody can do’ and he asked for a standing ovation and a round of applause. That means a lot for me, because I was so doubt in that point of my career, so I´ll always remember him as someone who helped me at some many levels and it was an honor work with him.”

On the rumors of being part of The Wyatt Family:

“It was definitely an idea, I mean, I actually did a few promos with Bray Wyatt in front of the camera with Dusty (Rhodes). They tried a few people, Baron Corbin kinda tried out for it as well. Ultimately, I think I could have got that spot, but then I get injured, that was a thing. They were like ‘ok, we´re looking at Judas (Devlin), he may be the guy who fits in’, that’s when I started to have my hip issues and I needed surgery, so that kinda squashed the idea. I didn’t recovery as quick as they wanted, they wanted to do it anyway and that was when Braun (Strowman) came in there, and he was very new, but they held up until he was ready. So I really never had the full opportunity to try out and I would have loved to do it because it kinda fits the name Judas with the concept”

On the controversy with Bill Demott:

“Yeah I was part of that whole controversy, and kinda clicked to me as the one who spoke out, but it wasn’t really the case. What happened was I was injured, I needed surgery, I wanted make sure of that, and the thing that was supposed to be behind the scenes between me and the bosses, somehow it made it out to the public, and once it was out there I had a decision to make, and I decided to said ‘yeah, this is what happened’, and that’s because the kind of person I am is not about saying what other people want me to say, I’m gonna say what I really feel, and some situations like in WWE that can be good and bad, because they want you to stay in the line and be a good soldier, but they also want you to speak up. It’s a weird situation but a thought I was doing the right time at the time, and it had nothing to do wth WWE, I loved being there, I think it was an amazing opportunity and I learned so much and I respect everyone in the company. I was tangled up with other guys because of the one situation with coach and I wish it had never happened,  but it happened and both parts has moved on from it, and now ever since my goal have been look to WWE and say ‘I can make it in this business on my own’. It’s unfortunately that all that happened with the coach, but again, it didn’t reflect my feelings about WWE, I don´t think they knew what was going on either so I think things are probably great down there”

On Chris Jericho defending Bill Demott:

“You know, I would love to go talk to Chris Jericho, I would love to go to his podcast to defend myself and hear what he has to say. He was not there when things went down and I remember when he defended him (Bill Demott) then deleted his tweet, which is interesting. I’ve never met Chris Jericho, but I know he has a whole different relationship, respect and business ideas from mine because he has been around so much longer, I respect Chris Jericho and what he has accomplished, and personally I agree with a lot of the things he said about the business. I think his point was that after all people had to be rude because this is wrestling and that’s how it works. He’s right and I feel the same way, there’s nothing I hate more than someone who does not want to commit his entire life to wrestling and I was always willing to sacrifice myself, my health, to injure myself and do whatever it took to make it to the next level. But that was not the situation, it was something totally different and it had nothing to do with wrestling, it had to do with business and the corporate side and making sure I could wrestle again, because I needed to make sure I was healthy. Going forward I agree with him and I also have that old school mentality, especially when I see newcomers who do not respect or are not willing to put the work in, so like I said I would love to talk to Chris Jericho on his show and probably I’ll agree to a lot of things he has to say”.

On a possible return to WWE of he and Bill Demott:

“Well you know, time heals all wounds, especially in a business like wrestling where you see people who believed they would never comeback, comeback. It’s all about who can take a spot, who can make money for the company, who the fans wants to see, so I think there is always an opportunity to comeback to anybody and everyone deserves a second chance. For me, I knew that if I ever wanted to go back there I will have to cross a harder road and make it on my own, fight every day on the independent circuit or go through other companies to get back there, if that’s what I wanna do, because I would become a bigger name from myself outside of WWE, which will make they want me back. And that’s a tough road, But I was willing to take it when I asked for my release, because I knew that wrestling is what I wanted to do, I didn’t wanted sit in the Performance Center injured and wait to be fired, I wanted to go out and prove I was healthy, and that’s what I’m trying to do right now”.

On Kane and Undertaker inspiring his Vibora character:

“Well, when they gave me the character, they told me they wanted me to be a monster, and when I saw that I was gonna have my hair out of the mask like Kane I said ‘okay, this is Kane, this is Undertaker and I wanted to evolve the character from there. So in the few episodes you see me as a monster walking around like in a horror movie and I do Chokeslams and Tombstones, things people know, and I wanted people to identify right away because you do not see Kane or Undertaker so much anymore, you can watch them on the Network, but they are not wrestling every week anymore. So I wanted to bring that back a little bit, and the crowd took it right away and start calling me the Luchasaurus, which is the name I use now. What I did was studying Kane and Undertaker to begin with, but what I’m going to do is evolve that, you can see it specially in my independent character right now, because I have athletic abilities and I have background in gymnastics and acrobatics, and well I’m almost 7 feet tall and I can do some things people my size can’t, I wanna be the lucha version of The Undertaker, I think that’s something has never been seen before and I think people are gonna really enjoy that”.

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