Jordynne Grace On The Rumors Of Being Offered A IMPACT Wrestling Contract Through DM & More!

IMPACT Wrestling star Jordynne Grace was recently the guest on The Wrestling Inc Daily. Here are some highlights…

On the rumors she was offered her IMPACT deal through a DM:

“Scott D’Amore originally contacted me through a Twitter DM and we exchanged phone numbers. Then I was offered the contract through the phone conversation.”

On what it’s like working with IMPACT management:

“Scott is one of the coolest guys ever. When he talks business, it’s serious. But in general, he’s kinda one of the boys. He was a wrestler himself so he knows how it is and looks out for the best interests for everybody.”

On teaming up with Scott Steiner and Petey Williams at Unbreakable:

“You know what’s so funny is that the first few times we worked together I don’t think he knew my name. He’s Scott Steiner so why would he know my name? But he’s been my idol for a long time and I think he’s awesome. But I don’t think he knew I was jokingly calling him my dad because the first time we did our Impact [promo] together along with Petey, he slapped my ass during the promo. I was like, ‘Well, I can never say you’re my dad again [laughs].’

On the controversy of Steiner slapping her on the butt and people online saying it was sexual assault:

“It was stupid. The first time he slapped my ass, I said, ‘Ok, whatever.’ I didn’t know he was gonna slap my ass at the end of the match, but what are you gonna do? I acted like I was surprised because I didn’t know how to play it off.”

“He asked me if he could do it and I don’t know how I can tell Scott Steiner ‘no.’ So I just let him do it [laughs].”

Click here for the full show.

Huskie Howard

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