Joey Janela On Seeing Enzo Amore After Their Fight & His Incident With Big Cass

AEW star Joey Janela was recently the guest on Wrestlers On The Road Ordering Room Service with The Young Bucks. Here are some highlights….

On seeing former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore after their fight at a Blink 182 concert:

“Walk right up, he gives me a big hug. He’s like, ‘More sober this time, kid?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ He’s like, ‘We, really got ’em. Let’s make some money.’ I was like, ‘Dude, no. I was drunk and I really tried to fight you.’”

On his backstage incident at WrestlePro with former WWE Superstar Big Cass:

“I don’t know what happened. I went outside for a smoke and I said hello to the dude earlier and he was like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ I go outside to smoke and then he corners me, and like smacks me in the head.” Janela said. “It’s not a hard smack it was just caught me off guard. No concussions, I was like , ‘What the fuck is going on here?’ And then he starts chasing me, ‘Joey, I’m coming to kill you.’ Orange Cassidy is there and he starts like, ‘What the hell is going on?’ He thinks it’s a joke. Yeah, hands in pockets, gimmick is real.”

“Then dude starts chasing me around the locker room, it’s the Rahway Rec Center. You’ve been there before. So there’s that whole gym packed that’s the locker room. So it looks like an episode of Tom & Jerry where Big Cass is chasing me around the locker, room going, ‘I’m going to shoot you I’m going to kill you.’ Everyone’s just like, ‘What the fuck is going on?’

On if he thought Big Cass was joking:

“No, I started to realize that it wasn’t a joke at all. Like something was up from the night before. So they put me in a separate office and then they’re like, ‘Oh just stay here. Lock the door.’ Cause this guy’s like seven feet tall. Like I’m legit scared,” Janela explained, “So I’m in the office and I then I go, ‘Oh my gear’s in the locker room again.’ There’s like a curtain back there, I go to go back there and I see him opening every door, ‘Bad Boy – where are you?’ Like it’s a horror movie now. I go, ‘Oh, I’m outta here. I’m outta here.’ So I ran, eventually I got my gear and stuff, I called the match (tried to call the match). I go out Gorilla and he comes in through the door and charges at me, tries to get me again. Everyone’s holding him back. And then the whole thing went down with him and SCU and Pat [Buck].”

Click here to watch the full show.

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