Jazz On The Diversity In WWE, Not Being Invited To Legend’s Night & More!

Former WWE Superstar Jazz recently spoke to Candace Cordelia of In The Zone. Here are some highlights….

On the progression of women’s wrestling:

“Oh wow! The women are evolving so much and so fast to where it’s almost to the point that, in reality, it’ll probably be more women matches on the card than there are men. The women matches, the ratings, you go to a title match, you go to YouTube, you go to a lot of streaming channels and the women matches got way more views than most of the men matches. So, that right there says a lot!”

“When I was in WWE, we were told that our matches… now again, long ago, 15 years ago, men stopped going to concession stands and… there’s no longer a bathroom break when the women are out there in the ring. It just shows your panties and bra matches, all the gimmick matches, and we’re literally out there tearing it up, we’re kicking ass. As I like to say, we show up and show the hell out.”

On the diversity in WWE:

“Honestly, I don’t feel they really know how to market us. If we’re not hip hop or a thug with our pants sagging or the hat to the side… it’s like, just market us for who we are individually. I just feel they need somebody in there to help them understand that. Why we always gotta dance? Shake our ass. Why? Not all Black people can dance!” (Laughs)

On not being invited to WWE’s legends Night:

“I guess because they assumed that I was involved with that [Konstantine Kyros WWE] lawsuit… they have yet to reach out. My issue with the WWE had nothing to do with concussions or any of that. My whole ordeal with them was me never getting things that I deserved. I never had merch. They never gave me an action figure. Just little simple s–t like that. That’s what I’m not understanding with WWE. I’m one of their top heels of all time and I never even turned face. Could have been over as a face as well. But, for me never to receive any type of merch, not an action figure, you know, why?”

“I just feel I deserved that. I still feel like I deserve it. It’s not too late. I’m not dead. Don’t try to throw that s–t at me when I’m dead. Give it to my babies. Give me that now… reach out to me. I can explain myself. Reach out to me. Let’s talk.

“I have nothing against WWE. They gave me that platform for me to become who I am today, so I have nothing bad to say about ‘em as far as that. I just want what I deserve. And what’s wrong with me having merch and a freaking action figure. That’s not asking for a lot.”

Click here for the full interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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