Gabe Sapolsky Addresses David Starr’s Comments About Him Not Paying Talent

Indy standout David Starr is in the middle of controversy once again. Starr has made remarks about EVOLVE’s Gabe Sapolsky not paying all of his talent. Below Starr shows that Sapolsky blocked him on Twitter.

Sapolsky would fire back at Starr. The tweets since then have been deleted.

“He doesn’t give a damn about wrestler pay. This is all an act. If there was an ounce of sincerity in any of this I would pay attention to it. It’s also not factual and all in broad strokes.”

“Had numerous talents complain to me about Max Barsky, AKA David Starr, stiffing them, giving them concussions and then actually blaming them for these accidents. I watched his heralded match with WALTER where he selfishly no sold to get himself over. This isn’t even the match where he went into business for himself and stepped on the UK title.”

“So there is no chance I’ll ever book Max Barsky. In fact, it’s known he had to move to the UK to get full-time work cause he failed at his PC tryout, at Impact and at ROH. Why AEW isn’t interested in him I don’t know. Maybe they are. Add to this the embarrassing and offensive picture of Max Barsky taking a selfie crying at a Holocaust memorial and I was finished with him.”

Starr would once again fire back at Sapolsky.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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