EC3 On What Went Wrong In WWE & More!

IMPACT Wrestling star EC3 was recently the guest on Busted Open Radio. Here are some highlights….

On issues with leadership in WWE:

“Yeah like with anything, it starts at the top, and I think the very very top is micromanaging [at an] extremely dangerous level where there is no trust in the Lieutenants, majors, and generals to do anything. Everything goes through the top and what the top’s inundated with. So much business gets lost, I believe you had EY (Eric Young) on here and you mentioned there’s a broken system. It seems like it.”

“I’m not following the product, but they have the most talented roster in the world, and the product becomes unwatchable and insufferable sometimes. As a leader, instead of passing blame to people and firing them, sometimes it comes down on me and so leadership starts at the top.”

On what went wrong in WWE:

“I started with a great match to kick it off. I think the problem was, I created such a self-made brand and individuality and persona that when they threw me out there, I was already very popular and ‘over’ that they realized we don’t have to worry about this kid and nobody took it upon themselves to manufacture what I was to them.”

“When it becomes nobody’s project, you can just fall into the complacency of being a popular act or semi-over. So I think that’s part of it. Plus, NXT is mostly a stomping ground cause we think my skills would be for main roster kind of talent.”

On being rushed to the main roster:

“When I did get called up, it was a rush call up. My mistake was trusting the process and believing there’s a reason for it as opposed to it was a rash decision because they were feeling heat for some reason. My mistake was thinking that it was for a reason. I take full accountability for that. Plus they called me up and I was out with an injury. I was rushed back from injury. I was not in a good place physically and mentally.”

“Whatever. It did not work and that’s fine because it not working has made me create something I’m finally happy and proud of and hopefully can take not only to Impact Wrestling but to the narrative of the wrestling world in various different locations. I think various different locations are ripe to take over this scene I think coming.”

On IMPACT not being his only option after WWE:

“Absolutely not. Every option was and is on the table. What I’m doing is controlling the narrative. I have things in works in multiple locations and plans to hopefully bend the narrative and confuse people. I love the fact nobody knows what I’m doing.”

On if he would have been in a better position if the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t happen:

“I would have, post-WrestleMania, request my release privately. I would not have been the guy who takes his business public, trying to get out. I would have a man-to-man conversation to whoever it was worth and their decision may have been yes, may have been no.”

“I think I had people in my corner, but nobody that would openly step up because everyone is scared and apprehensive and no one wants to rock the boat. So they’re like ‘Man I can’t believe they don’t let you talk’. You’re in the production meetings. You can say something.”

On meetings with Vince McMahon:

“I’ve had one-on-ones with Vince. They were always good and instructive and he saw me for what I am. ‘Look good, work good’. I’m not like the workhorse. He doesn’t make money off those guys. He makes money off guys who have charisma which I have. He saw one promo and thought it was over the top. I’m like, ‘well that was one, and I can always scale it back. Yeah, it’s funny that you don’t talk.'”

Click here to listen to the full show.

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