Don Callis On How He Met Kenny Omega

IMPACT Wrestling’s Don Callis was recently the guest on The Chris Van Vliet Show. During the show Callis revealed how he met Kenny Omega.

“Kenny’s uncle was a guy named The Golden Sheik. He was a wrestler in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was my trainer. After he had trained me, he was my manager and he introduced me to his nephew, who was a cute little 10-year-old kid. The nephew kind of attached himself to us. He followed us around and wanted to be a wrestler.”

“The Sheik looked after me very much in a way that is not typical in the wrestling business. I tried to mentor Kenny in various areas of his life, including his pro wrestling career. I’ve been there for him and he’s been there for me ever since after The Sheik died in ’07. Really, what we had was each other.”

Click here to watch the full interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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