Dixie Carter Talks About Possibly Signing Recently Released WWE Talent, Mahabali Shera’s Success In TNA & More!

TNA President Dixie Carter recently spoke with Sportskeeda.com. Here are some highlights from the interview.

On freshening up the TNA talent roster: 

“We’re in an exciting time as it relates to talent. We’ve had long conversations internally and believe it was time to freshen up the talent roster a bit as well as, expose people who have been on our roster in the past, who have not had the kind of push that they deserve and so, we’re going to be doing that. We’ve brought in several new talents in the last couple of months. As well as, we’re looking at some bigger names that are available out there right now. I think over the next two months, you’re going to see some more changes in the roster and some more long-term signings which we’re very excited about. I think it’s going to be a very good phase and a very good time for TNA.”

 Is TNA looking to sign any of the recently released WWE talents? 
“Yes, there are some great talent on the market right now, and there hasn’t been for a while. So, I think that there are some big opportunities for us to see if a couple of names that are available fit with what we’re trying to do right now. You know, great in-ring product, great personality and ability to show, to have big characters and we’re very excited about that.”

On signing more Indian wrestlers, Mahabali Shera’s success in TNA:

“We are actually looking for more Indian wrestlers. Currently, we were looking at some amateur Indian wrestlers that are out there, we’re looking at some independent, professional Indian wrestlers that are already in professional wrestling. And, we may just start and try to develop some fantastic talent. But, we’re actively looking for some additional Indian wrestlers for our roster.”

 “I feel Mahabali Shera has really started to set up and he’s grown into so much of a talent. He works so hard and his work ethic is second to none. It’s really starting to pay-off and we have some exciting plans for him.”
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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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