Deonna Purrazzo Talks About Getting To Work NXT, TNA & ROH, Her First NXT Match & More!

Deonna Purrazzo recently was the guest on The Blake And Sal Show. Here are some highlights….

On her childhood pro wrestling inspirations:

“My biggest inspiration was Trish Stratus. I started watching wrestling when I was nine and that’s when I saw Trish and I saw Lita, Jazz, Jacqueline, Victoria, all of them and seeing them wrestle made know that I could do that one day.”

 On working with Nia Jax in her first NXT match:
“You can’t see it but I think I cried the whole match. Not because I was hurt, not because she was rough or anything but I was so thankful to be there and so nervous.”

Is she looking for a permanent NXT contract or does she want to keep working for different promotions?:

“I’m really happy doing everything I’ve able to do. I get to work for NXT, I get to work for TNA and Ring of Honor and do all these big companies all at once and that’s something that’s never been done before.”

Click here to listen to the full interview.


Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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