David Starr On Issues He Had With ROH, On The Door For A WWE Run Being Closed & More!

Outspoken Independent star David Starr was recently the guest on the WINCLY Podcast. Here are some highlights….

On describing himself:

“There are so many different directions I could go. Could I go with the standard millennial that hates myself or the standard pro wrestler that loves myself. I’m just a guy who loves pro wrestling. I’m very political; I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I wear my politics on my sleeve. I guess the best way to describe myself – and this is such a disingenuous thing to say – but I feel like I’m a genuine person. I say what I think and believe and I allow people to judge me for it.”

On a controversial issue he had with Ring of Honor when he was set to face Jay Lethal in Israel:

“They didn’t communicate with me. I was booked through an Indy promotion and first I was supposed to wrestle Ilja Dragonov, but he wasn’t able to do it because WWE doesn’t allow anyone with an Israeli stamp on their passport to really be on their roster because Saudi Arabia doesn’t like that.”

“Then they said they could get Lethal and they got him by going through ROH because he has an exclusive contract with them. Then ROH decided they were going to put the world title on the line and I was like, ‘Okay. This is a big opportunity for me to speak about these issues that I think are important.’ They didn’t like me doing that and had me pull the promo. They insinuated that they would pull Jay Lethal from the show if the promo wasn’t pulled.”

On feeling like the door being closed for a run with WWE or ROH:

“Yeah, absolutely I do. I’ve heard from some people that things have been said directly and I know that. I’m not afraid and don’t have much to lose. I’m very fortunate that I have been saving money my whole life and I do have a supportive family if need be. I’m fortunate to have systems in place where I know that I’m gonna be okay no matter what.”

“And I’m fairly certain that the WWE door is closed and I’m not concerned about that because if I was there, I would have to sit down and shut up and just take the money. I don’t think I could actually do that as I would feel like I’m betraying myself.”

Click here for the full show.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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