Dave Crist On Why He Was Never Offered A WWE Contract, Who Is Responsible For OVE Being In Impact & More!

Impact Wrestling star Dave Crist of oVe was the guest on a recent episode of Pancakes and Powerslams. Here are some highlights…..

On how he got into the wrestling business:

“One afternoon, my brother [Jake] and I decided that we were going to start backyard wrestling, which [was] a completely bad idea, but whatever. So, I was in welding class, I welded a ring together. We put a ring in the barn, [the barn] that we ended up training in. The news actually, News Center 7, came out and did a story about us, about backyard wrestling, and how bad and dangerous backyard wrestling was. But when they saw us, we actually had an entrance way, we used lights, we used a lot of things that tried to make us look like professionals.”

On gaining the recognition of Tommy Dreamer when he was head of talent relations of WWE:

“[Dreamer] said that he was really impressed by us, but we were way too small to even be considered to be a developmental talent. [Dreamer] goes, ‘But, I can probably put in a word in for you with Gabe Sapolsky at Ring of Honor. Let me give him a call, and give me your number and I’ll let you know how that goes.’ And then, he got a hold of us a few weeks later, and he was like,’ Yeah, Gabe said you guys would be good for Dayton. So, if you guys want to do Ring of Honor in Dayton, you’re more than welcome to go give it a shot.'”

On giving Scott D’Amore, Sonjay Dutt and Abyss credit for oVe getting a spot in Impact Wrestling:

“They got a hold of me, and they were just like, ‘Hey, we’re not interested in giving you a tryout. And I was kind of real bummed, because they had talked about giving us a tryout, and they said they’ll let us know. And then, Scott was like, ‘But we are interested in signing you. Congratulations.’ I was like, (exhale), that is awesome!” Now, he is competing with his brother in Impact Wrestling as oVe (Ohio Versus Everything). He stated that he is on a mission to continue representing his state, because “if you disrespect it, you’re disrespecting us.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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