Chase Owens On Why He Missed NJPW’s Dominion, If He’s Interested In Signing With WWE & More!

On the latest episode of The Thrill of The Chase. NJPW star and Bullet Club member Chase Owens discussed why he missed NJPW’s Dominion event and much more….

On watching Omega vs. Okada at Dominion:

“I watched Kenny and Okada, I did watch the whole match” Owens said. “Probably tomorrow I’ll watch the rest of the Dominion show,” Owens said. “I got to the hotel and I watched Kenny and Okada’s match and anytime they wrestle it’s amazing. Arguably the two best professional wrestlers going today and every time they step together it’s magic.”

“I talked to Kenny, not a lot for about 15, 20 minutes of texts back and forth because he’s in Japan and the time difference you know all that good stuff.”

On if he regrets not being at NJPW’s Dominion:

“No, it is what it is I was over there for the three weeks before that for the Best Of The Super Juniors tour so It’s alright. I took a break not having to have to beat your body up every night so it’s alright.”

On if he’s interested in going to WWE:

“I’m happy where I’m at right now. New Japan takes good care of us. I’m making the most money I’ve ever made in my career. I’m able to pay my car off, I’m able to get out of debt of stuff I had, doctor’s bills from stuff in early in my wrestling career getting injuries so I’m happy where I’m at right now.”

Click here to watch the full episode.

Huskie Howard

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