Chad Gable On Pitching Character Ideas To Vince McMahon, Finding Out He Would Be In King Of The Ring & More!

Smackdown Live Superstar Chad Gable recently spoke to PWInsider. Here are some highlights…

On finding out he would be competing in The King of the Ring Tournament:

“It was a surprise to me too, my friend. I just, sometimes we find out when the fans do and I was totally fine with that. Because once I saw my name in there, I was very excited, as you can imagine. For a guy like me that is looking to break out and find an opportunity as a singles guy, I can’t really think of a better way, you know what I mean, than a tournament like this.”

“And to bring back some of the nostalgia for the fans as well. And so far, I think they had been just doing this awesome job of, you know, putting on some of the best matches we’ve had on TV, on Raw, Smackdown in a long time. So, it’s pretty great.”

On pitching character ideas to Vince McMahon:

“When Bobby and I were broken up when I got traded to Smack Down, I immediately went to Vince, you know, with character ideas, pitches for stories, and I made my own vignettes. I made my own promos that I would bring my laptop in and show him. Just basically like begging, pleading, doing whatever I could to get something, get anything. And I wasn’t married to these ideas that I was giving him.”

“I just wanted to throw as much at him and say, “Look, I’m open to anything. This is what I’ve got for you, but I’ll do anything you’ve got in mind because I’m ready to work. I’m ready to deliver for you, and so when I’m doing that, it shows them that I want to work, that I’m ready. And so when they come back to me with something, there’s no way I’m going to be a guy that is going to poo poo some ideas, you know, or anything that they give me. Because them offering me anything means that they want to invest in me, and to me that’s a compliment.”

“And so I’m going to take that and I’m going to use it to its full advantage, whatever ideas they throw at me. And I take them all as a compliment and I’m ready. I’m ready for them to invest in me, and I can guarantee you they’re going to get back their investment. I will deliver.”

On life as a singles star:

“It’s hard, man. This place… you know, it’s a snake pit. You got to find a way to make your mark. And once  [Jordan] went to do his thing with Kurt [Angle] on Raw, I was really excited to kind of have my chance to break out as a singles guy because I did fall in love with tag team wrestling down at NXT. Like, it was something I never thought I would kind of appreciate on the level that I’ve found myself doing. But we would just have so much fun and so much success at the tag team stuff.”

“I always saw myself as a singles guy, and so when I finally got that chance, I was very excited and I had … some matches I was really proud of early on, with like AJ Styles and Rusev on Smack Down. And since that, you know, I’ve had a few matches with guys like Jack Gallagher even on 205, which is just opportunities I’m just trying to take advantage of.”

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