Bull James On His Release From WWE, Life Outside Of WWE & More!

Bull James aka NXT’s Bull Dempsey was recently the guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Here are some highlights….

On if he feels wrestling is swinging back in the direction of big men:

“There’s less [big men] outside of WWE. Bigger guys aren’t getting into the business anymore unless it’s with WWE through a tryout. In the indies, it’s mostly smaller guys and girls,” James said before adding that he’s used to being the biggest guy in the locker room, especially now with smaller performers around.”

“You have to alter your match to help the person you’re working with to match your style. If it’s a smaller person, cool I can do that. If it’s a bigger person, cool I can do that to. If you know what you’re doing, then you can work with anybody.”

On if it excites him hearing about the big men of NXT such as Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic:

“Yeah, they’re all great competitors. The goal of this is to keep yourself fresh and compete. Obviously, an opportunity to get into the ring with any of those guys would be phenomenal.”

On life in wrestling outside of WWE:

“When you remove that pressure cooker, you kinda rediscover yourself. It’s been freeing and fun. It’s creatively satisfying because you can do your own thing and if it gets a good reaction, then you know you did something right that night. If it doesn’t, then half the fun is going back to the drawing board,” James said before being asked if he sees himself back in NXT one day.”

“It would have to be mutually beneficial. If some place wants me, then I have to make that decision. A lot of people get caught up in the battle that’s going on with signing contracts and then asking for their release. When you sign that contract, you’re making that commitment. So, you have to be happy with that commitment.

“As far as NXT goes, I never had a bad thing to say about my time there. I look back at it fondly and would obviously welcome the opportunity to go back and be part of the new generation.”

On why he was released from WWE:

“I was never given a reason so I can’t answer that. That’s a question for the higher ups in WWE. For whatever it was, the decision was made and there was no ill-will as I left on the best of terms. I think as long as there’s a need for pro wrestlers, then I’ll have a shot at going back. Sometimes, it’s just timing.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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