Brian Pillman Jr. On The New Hart Foundation, People’s Expectations Of Him & More!

Indy star Brian Pillman Jr. recently spoke with SLAM! Wrestling. Here are some highlights….

On his faction, the New Hart Foundation:

“We have a lot to offer. Davey Boy Smith Jr., he’s a beast. He’s an animal… We’ve got Teddy Hart. Anymore, he’s the loose cannon of 2018. He’s about as close to a rendition of my father as I can think of.”

Facing off against Marko Stunt:

“[I’m looking forward to] grabbing Marko Stunt by the hair and dangling him over the top rope. I think he’s an abomination. I think he does not belong in the business. I think he is ruining professional wrestling as it is, and to be honest, the Hart Foundation was put together for that very purpose — to purge these people that are getting into wrestling and making it into a circus.”

On expectations that come from his name:

“[I have] a lot of expectations to live up to. Every angle I can find to live up to those expectations, I will try to.”

Wrestlers believing their own gimmick too much:

“[Some wrestlers] really invest their entire lives into this art. Some of the most prominent, electric performers are the people that truly believe their own shit. You’ve just got to be careful about that.”

Click here for the full interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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