Billi Bhatti On Staying Ahead Of The Dirt Sheets, Says Dave Meltzer Doesn’t Get Any Information Anymore

Billi Bhatti of Sportskeeda and The Dirty Sheets podcast recently spoke to Wrestle:List. Here are some highlights….

On being ahead of the dirt sheets:

“My breaking news is always ahead of the dirt sheets – it’s not something you’ll read up about in an audio format after you’ve already read it on The Observer, or No DQ, or Wrestling Inc. It’s brand new, to the point where we’ve had various offers from people to buy the news from us. But obviously we’re trying to grow a podcast here, and we’re not a website – we’re doing news audio bits, so our breaking news will be only five or six minutes, even less sometimes depending on what it is. We knew Goldberg was winning the belt, we knew it was Goldberg and Lesnar, we knew the Hardys were winning the belts, we knew Jinder was going to be number one contender, we knew Jinder was going to win the belt.”

On Dave Meltzer:

“Meltzer is out on a world of his own. He doesn’t get any information now – that’s the bottom line. He used to be a good source of info but he’s now cut off from the WWE, especially since the Chris Benoit scandal and the ways that he covered it. I think WWE expected for some reason that he would cover it more favourably towards them but since then, from what I’ve been told, there is nobody there. At times he’s had road agents, or he’s had people that have gone into the company that he’s known from the independents but pretty quickly people put their careers first. There is no lee-way going to talk to Dave Meltzer and there is no forgiveness if you’re caught.”

“So, I believe that nobody is talking to him anymore and I believe it’s been a long time since anybody has. His news is primarily from a secondary source or its just pure guesswork which you can do with WWE and sometimes be accurate. But the guy has built his base and is not going away and he’s got all the history there. He’s a great historian in terms of, people will refer to stuff he’s written in the past and they’ll use his star rating as gospel and I think that’s utterly ridiculous but people seem to go by it and I can’t change the face of wrestling overnight and people will continue to use that star system like it’s the Bible and it really isn’t when you think about what he’s trying to do. One of the things he’s trying to do is lean you towards the places where he has access. The guy can walk in and out of Japan freely – he can walk in and out of any independent show and be treated like the most important man in the room and obviously, is that not going to sway any human being to give five stars or even the ridiculous six-star that he gave to Okada and Omega.”

Click here for the full interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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