Baron Corbin On His Success As A Heel, Getting Permission To Shave His Head & More!

WWE RAW Superstar Baron Corbin recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet. Here are some highlights….

On a notable highlight of his in WWE:

“When I won the United States Championship at Hell in a Cell it was awesome. It was my first championship ever in WWE, so it’s a really cool moment for me. When I left NXT I was kind of mad that I was never NXT champ, so when I got to the main roster that was my first goal. When it came to light it was pretty awesome.”

On his success as a heel:

“I love it, it’s awesome to me. I was always that little kid that irritated people. I was in this group and one of the kids’ moms was saying ‘you know it’s always funny to a point, and then you [Baron] always take it one more step and one more after that’. I think it’s just in my nature to irritate people and push things as far as I can.”

On shaving his head:

“I went to talk with Vince about cutting my hair at one point, and he said not yet. It’s gotta go through legal and stuff like that because I’m on action figures and in video games. It’s not just one person saying ‘okay you can do that’, and if I’d just shown up with my head shaved, I’d probably be out of a job.”

Click here to watch the full interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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