AJ Styles On Recent Reports That He’s Injured, Wanting A Match With Daniel Bryan & More!

WWE Smackdown Live AJ Styles recently spoke with IGN.com. Here are some highlights…

On why he matches up well with Shinsuke Nakamura: 

“I think we’re both unique and just from having been in the ring I know that he and I work well together. I can only say that from one experience, where we wrestled a one-on-one match, but I don’t know how to explain it. There’s just a flow to a match, to our match, that I really can’t compare to a lot of people. He’s so unique and unorthodox in his character and we just work so well when get step in that ring.”

“I think there’s always something special about a build. The fact that Shinsuke and I haven’t really touched each other these past few months. And that we’ve also never had a one-on-one match in the WWE. So it’s like, these guys are going to be in the ring together and they’re going to have to to go at it. No one’s going to stop it or break it up. The referee is going to either count to three or someone’s going to tap out. It’s going to happen.”

On recent reports that he was injured at a recent WWE live event: 

“Injuries are stuff that you can’t work through. Everybody works through pain, and I can definitely do that. I’m going to be at the top of my game when it comes to WrestleMania. I’ve been doing live events and what not and it’s not one of those things that’s hindering me whatsoever. So I’m good to go.”

On wanting a match with Daniel Bryan now that he’s cleared to return to the ring: 

“There are a few things that I’m selfish about and selfishly I’ve been wanting to wrestle Daniel Bryan in WWE for a long time. When he got hurt, I just figured it wouldn’t be a possibility. But now that he’s back, my mind is racing and I can’t wait to meet him in the ring. I’m so happy he’s back and able to live out his dreams and follow his passion.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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